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Stone Wallace Joins Me Again For The 2022 Spooktacular!! BOO HOO WHHHAHHH BOO!!

Stone and I discuss a couple horror films from each decade 1920’s til today..Not much on today’s films because in my opinion they aren’t that great. We get our Siskel and Ebert on.. HA!!  We planned on an hour, but we can yak!

Thanks so much to Stone for being my spooktacular guest. He does his Bela Lugosi, Peter Lorre, and he sings us out with Monster Mash. There are some really good flicks for a chilly night. Many, especially the older ones (better ones) are on YouTube. If I link them they will most likely be taken down. 

Mostly Thanks to you all that listen.. Extra Thanks to Jamie, Rachel, and dear Daniel.. All three are  listeners from England, that have brightened my days! 

Who loves you baby?

I do!!




Watch out for your fur babies on halloween (of course always) there are some real creeps out there..Of course none of us..: )

Stone’s author page


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