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Anthony J. Mohr Joins Me To Talk About His Award Winning Book Every Other Weekend:Coming Of Age With Two Different Dads

Today’s guest is award-winning author Anthony J. Mohr who talks about his book, Every Other Weekend, Coming of Age with Two Different Dads. 

We talk about the  contrasting lifestyles of Anthony’s two fathers. One a movie/tv star, the other a successful business man.He tells of his families relationships against the backdrop of glamorous Hollywood and everyday realities.

Tony is a great guy. Also listen for the cameo of Bob, his sweet woof..

Thanks so much to Tony for coming on the show..

Mostly thanks to all of you that listen. I so appreciate it.



Tonys book can be found anywhere they sell them.

You can check out Gerald in this flick..He’s been in tons of movies and TV shows.

You can listen anywhere podcasts are played.






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