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True stories of


Featuring Classic Hollywood stories, actors, scandals, in the golden age of Hollywood by Grace Collins


It’s a very informative Classic Hollywood podcast. I talk to great guests and do special series, such as History Of Blonde Bombshells. We talk scandals, actors and actresses and everything thats a true story from Tinseltown. Lots of fun..Kick back with a cup of java or a glass of wine or listen on the treadmill. Whats better then learning more about The Golden Age Of Hollywood.

As Featured in “The Best Old Hollywood Podcasts” – Variety Magazine 

True Stories of Tinseltown
“Chronicling the Golden Age of moviemaking with warmth and good humor, podcast host Grace Collins has produced a staggering number of episodes in a relatively brief amount of time. That’s a testament to her obvious fondness for classic cinema, which shines through whenever she discusses the quirky backstories of the filmmakers and performers she grew up watching. Although many episodes contain interviews with erudite authors and celebrity biographers, others focus on topics like the history of blonde bombshells and iconic Hollywood romances. And as one might expect with a title like “True Stories of Tinseltown,” infamous crimes and scandals are covered in detail as well. It’s the kind of do-it-yourself Old Hollywood podcast that offers a little something for everyone.”

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Meet Grace

I got my love of the Golden Age Of Hollywood very early on. My dad would watch and I would join him. I loved the glamorous NYC, the gorgeous lounging gowns that the beautiful women wore lounging. There were flowers in every room. The apartments were magnificent and I knew that would be me someday. I Read whatever I could get my hands on about classic Hollywood, the stories, the memoirs, the biographies and I’d lose myself learning about everything. I guess I’m an expert but I learn something new everyday.

I didn’t get the glam apartment, but I do live in NYC, I always have fresh flowers, and as far as gorgeous lounging gowns, you’d catch me lounging in sweatpants , leggings, and a T shirt. Not too glamorous but very comfy.

I love Classic Hollywood more then ever. One of the best days was when TCM came on the air, no commercials and with the incredible Robert Osborne hosting. RIP Robert. There is nothing like having a yuck day and getting ready for bed then getting comfy and watch a great old movie.

I am so lucky to do my podcast.
I’ve talked to truly amazing folks.
I have lots more coming up.
Thanks so much for listening,


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