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Part 2 I talk to authorJeremy Arnold on his book Christmas In The Movies 30 Classics To Celebrate The Season

Jeremy wrote this book for the TCM collection. He is also author of The Essentials 1 and The Essentials Part 2. Hopefully he will be back in the New Year and we can discuss his choices.

Jeremy chose a variety of Christmas movies. Of course the old classics, he also chose some of the more modern Christmas movies. There are lots of tidbits. I enjoyed it thoroughly. He was a lot of fun and he knows his Christmas flicks. We both have the same fave A Christmas Carol, there could be couple you have never heard of so check on TCM or You tube. I have a few that I love that didn’t make the book. One I think you should check out is Christmas Holiday. It is on you tube (so far). Jeremy thought it wasn’t really a Christmas movie, but it was during Christmas, there were flashbacks, but ultimately about letting go and being free culminating on Christmas night.. Deanna Durbin was great in her only dramatic role, and Gene Kelly was a charming swine. All of Jeremy’s choices are great so its a great read and check out those movies. 

I want to thank Jeremy so much for being my guest. He was fab.  This was supposed to be out last week, but it was beyond my control. 

Most of all I want to thank my listeners. You all are the best. Sorry about my disappearance from Facebook but my eyes really needed/need the break. 

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. Please be safe. 

Much Love,


Jeremys books

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