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Part 3 of Iconic romances of classic Hollywood. April and I discuss Tracy and Hepburn..Was Spencer really gay..

In part 3 of iconic romances of classic Hollywood we discuss Tracy and Hepburn. They have been controversial since Scotty Bauers book came out and said he had sexual contact with Spencer. First he told Katherine Hepburn biographer he fixed Katharine up with one woman, then he changed it to about 120..In the Katharine book the author claims they were beards for each other. We say, poppycock..HA! He stayed married until the day he died and K and S never went out publicly. That doesn't mean its not possible about their sexuality, but beards no way. Regardless we admire both…


I talk to Irene Tsu on her very fun read book Watercolor Dreams..The Many Lives Of Irene Tsu. Sinatra, Elvis and many others discussed..

Irene is not kidding about having many lives. We talk her coming from China to USA, and finding acting success at a very young age. She dated Frank Sinatra for two years after the divorce from Mia. Frank even brought her to meet Mia. Find out how that went. We talk her time with Elvis, turning John Wayne down for a drink in his trailer, her long relationship with actor/comic Dick Shawn, what it's like to get a piggy back ride from James Stewart and so much more. Irene went on a date with Jay Sebring, and met Sharon Tate,…


Part 2 of iconic love stories of classic Hollywood..April and I talk Bogie and Bacall..Perfect Love..Lauren says it was a marriage..

We talk the very iconic and much written about love story of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. They met when Lauren was 20 and Bogie was 45. A huge age difference but it worked. We talk Bogarts guilt about leaving Mayo "Sluggy" Methot. ¬†They married and life was exciting. Lauren learned the ropes of Hollywood through Bogies pals and became one of the boys. Bogie at first was not keen on kids, but they had two. We talk their life, their loves, flirtations. The end of their love story came when Bogie was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. We discuss Laurens…


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