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Today We Talk About Betty Grable Stage Mom Lillian. Lillian Was A Doozy. She Had Betty Tap Dancing In The Womb

April and I talk Betty Grable Stage mother Lillian. Lillian had Betty enrolled in dance school at three. She was in talent shows, and God forbid she came in second. Lillian was one pushy broad that wanted stardom for herself (as most stage moms do) but pushed Betty to be a star.  Thanks so much to April for doing this series with me. Thanks to Deborah for making the suggestion. I have to get the link to Deborahs book. It's not classic Hollywood, but it is a good read. Mostly thanks to the listeners. You are the best!!  …


Stage Mom Number 2 Is Ginger Rogers Mother Lela. Lela Was Accomplished In Her Own Right, But It Was Truly All About Ginger..WEDDING CAKE MUST SEE!!!

First of all Happy Late Mom's day! I was at family reunion so no computer. Was supposed to post this Sunday..   April and I do part 2 of Stage Moms. Today we talk about Ginger Rogers mom Lela. She would do anything to make her daughter a star, and she did. Ginger as we all know was amazingly talented, she trusted her Lela and Lela was not only her mom, she was her BFF. That wasn't too great for any of Gingers 5 hubby's. Studio execs loathed her, and it's alleged the movie The Hard Way was based on…


April VeVea And I Talk Stage Mothers. Some Were Pushy, But Still Loved By Their Daughters..Today We Talk Jean Harlows Mother Jean..

April and I are doing series on stage moms. Today we talk Jean Harlows Mother Jean. M Jean loved The Baby, but also wanted to be a star in her own right. It just didn't happen so the baby became a huge star and paid for all her moms bills and for her sleazoid stepfathers as well. Shouldn't a mooching step dad of a star look like a million in his fancy duds?? He certainly thought so. Compared to other stage Moms M Jean was a pussycat. Our later moms, not so much. Thanks so much to Deborah that emailed…


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