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Preview of Shows to come and Happy Thanksgiving To ALL!!!!!!

I just wanted to put out my preview of some shows to come, plus a promotion of the new movie Dreamland that is out now. I will be giving away 5 copies digitally.. It's based in the depression and stars Margot Robbie and Finn Cole. Margot is a crook and Finn is torn on whether to turn her in for the reward money, as his attraction to her grows..Finn needs the moolah, as it is The Depression. What Oh What will he do?? I wish you all and happy and safe Thanksgiving. I am so grateful for all of you!!…


Part 1 I talked to Author Marshall Terrill about his fab book, Steve McQueen…In His Own Words..Steve is the coolest dude

This was a fun podcast for me, as all are actually. I love Steve McQueen and its truly in his words. Hundreds of quotes with never before seen photos of the cool dude Steve. Marshall has written a couple books on Steve but this gets you right into Steve's head. His rough childhood, becoming an actor, loving riding his motorcycles and racing. He was a self admitted chauvinist and we get a peak into his three marriages. WE also see Steve in his final battle against cancer, after he was told nothing could be done, he went to Mexico to…


I talk to author and jewelry designer Alexis Hunter about her book Joi Lansing A Body To Die For..A Love Story..

I talk to my friend Alexis Hunter about her book Joi Lansing..A Body To Die For..A Love Story. ┬áIts the story of Alex's love of her life who she met when she was 22. Joi was a sex symbol, a glamour puss deluxe, singer and comedic actress. Joy was in her early forties and the time was 1970's. Blonde bombshells were out and the groovy look was in. Alex takes us through their friendship that turned into love. Joi's battle with cancer and a warning to beware what you have put into your body. In Joi's case silicone injected directly…


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