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Happy New Year!!!!!

Hey everyone, I did seven tries. This is gonna have to do it.  When talking about Ed Asner I meant midlife crisis. Eddie Muller would look swell in jeans with Oxford shirt. Hedy Lamarr alleged that Clark Gable during a break from filming Boomtown, came into her room and started sucking her toes.. HA!! Be back with another True Stories Of Tinseltown next week   Love you all!! Happy 2022!! Grace


Merry Christmas To Everyone!!

I want to thank you all for listening to me. You are all the best.    Merry Christmas, if You don't celebrate Christmas, Happy Saturday and if for some reason you are alone, by choice or circumstances, get a pizza and EAT EVERY SLICE, or dance and sing. That always makes me feel better, unfortunately my neighbors don't appreciate my musical and dance talent..HA! Be safe!! Lots of love,   Grace xoxo


Part 2 I talk to Chris Korman about his book OMG..It’s Harvey Korman’s Son…Lots of fun and lots of great stories

Chris wrote a book that was a love letter to his dad. I enjoyed the book and talking to Chris especially. We discussed his learning disability. The great support he got from Harvey. Harvey never thought he was all that and a bag of chips. He had studied Classical theatre.. Many very big stars came up to Harvey such as Burt Lancaster, Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward and so many others telling Harvey how great he was and that they watched every Saturday night and they could never do what he does. Chris was with his dad through all that. Sad…


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