New episode coming soon!

Part 2 I speak to the wonderful Boze Hadleigh about his new book and gay Hollywood through the 1930’s to today…

I talk to Boze Hadleigh, Hollywood historian and author of so many great books on classic Hollywood and classic gay Hollywood,  about his new book  Inside The Hollywood Closet: A Book Of Quotes. 

We discuss the closet, bearding, and the horror of being found out that you were gay in Old Hollywood.  Today it’s much different but leading men still do not dare come out of the closet. We talk why do we care so much who was gay, or if someone was gay, or think it’s horrible if someone says someone is gay. We talk rumors, quotes and so much more. As I always say I don’t personally know if someone was gay, I wasn’t there and they didn’t tell me, hence, allegedly. For history sake does it really matter???

I had such a great time talking to Boze. He was great and fun and so knowledgable.

Thanks so much to you Boze! I hope you come on  again.

Thanks mostly to the listeners,





Boze’s authors page


Check out my Facebook page. I add new stuff constantly. Its a great group of people.

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You can also listen on google play, spotify, YouTube, player FM, I heart radio, amazon music and basically anywhere podcasts are played. I’m also on weekly at Lots of great music and shows. 

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Stay safe and healthy everybody..



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