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81: Part 4 Our Final Blonde Bombshell Is Marilyn Monroe. We talk Marilyn 1955 til 1962.

April VeVea and I on our last but not least blonde shell Marilyn Monroe. In the episodes 3 and 4 we discuss Marilyn from 1955 until 1962. We talk her miscarriages, her marriage to Arthur Miller, Her disastrous filming of The Prince And The Showgirl. Her most successful film Some Like It Hot, and the filming of her last completed film The Misfits. Marilyns trip to a mental institution and so much more. Thanks so much to AprilMostly thanks to you all that listen. Great guests coming up when season 2 begins in two weeks. GraceApril VeVeawww.classicblondes.comtwitter@aprilVeveaThis podcast www.truestoriesoftinseltown.comwww.truestoriesoftinseltown.podbean.com spotify, youtube, listen notes and anywhere podcasts are posted.Please follow me on facebook. I post new content every day (or mostly.)

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