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Our Series Ends With Natalie Woods Stage Mom..Not A Very Nice Woman. The Story About Butterflies Will Turn Your Stomach

April and I finish our stage mothers podcast with Natalie Woods pushy and sometimes incredibly cruel, mother Maria. She pushed Natalie all the way. 

We also countdown from the not so bad to the really bad. Will you agree with our choices??


Thanks so much to Deborah for giving me the idea. We loved doing it. 

Also thanks to my podcast series partner in crime April VeVea. She is the best. I truly am grateful to call April my friend. I love that Tomato..

Mostly, thanks to the listeners. You are da best..


I love you all,





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I made a stupid mistake with the Rico podcast. I downloaded the Ava and Frank Iconic couples of Classic Hollywood.

Rico will be posted Weds or Thursday. Stupid mix up between my editor and me..

Sorry Rico!!!


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