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My Guest John DiLeo And I Talk First Choices And Alternative Castings In A Lot Of Flicks. Grace Kelly As Maggie The Cat??!?

OOOOOOPSSSSS. I had posted an oldie but greatie of Johns that was our last show in September. It was a weird mixup between my editor and myself. One time out of 200 aint nothing to kick about, but still…ooooooppppss.. Anyhow apologies to all, and especially the darling John.. so now we truly have the new show. Thanks everyone. Thanks to you as well Robert..


The Fab John DiLeo and I talk some interesting casting choices that never did the films. Lots of shockers. My fave is Grace Kelly as Maggie The Cat in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof..”Oh Brick” That, I would have loved to see or at least a couple scenes. 

Thanks so much to John for breaking the double digits as a guest on TSOTT. I always have fun..

Mostly, thanks to the listeners. You are the best!!

Much love,


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