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Part 2 This Is My Turkey Day Show Forget The Football..The Fab Steve Hayes Joins Me To Talk Fun Movies With The Best Femme Fatales..



This is the forget the football Thanksgiving show. I have the ultra fab, fun, adorable, and classic film expert Steve Hayes from the wonderful YouTube channel Tired Old Queen At The Movies. We discuss fun films with such wonderful sultry, noir vixens.. We had so much fun and have a yak a thon. These are such fun films and the women are SO BAD..

I want to thank the wonderful Steve for coming on. He has incredible knowledge of all classic films. He’s a joy. Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Also the wonderful Jamie/Monte Beragon  who emailed me Fan Mail (literal subject) He reminded me of so many great guests, including Steve..  

Most of all I want to thank the listeners. I am so thankful for all of you..

Much love,

Grace xoxo

Steves channel

Check out you tube. They have thousands of classic Hollywood films. Just search classic Hollywood films and a ton come up.

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