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Part 1 I talk to authorJeremy Arnold on his book Christmas In The Movies 30 Classics To Celebrate The Season

Jeremy wrote this book for the TCM collection. He is also author of The Essentials 1 and The Essentials Part 2. Hopefully he will be back in the New Year and we can discuss his choices. Jeremy chose a variety of Christmas movies. Of course the old classics, he also chose some of the more modern Christmas movies. There are lots of tidbits. I enjoyed it thoroughly. He was a lot of fun and he knows his Christmas flicks. We both have the same fave A Christmas Carol, there could be couple you have never heard of so check on…


I talked to Lara Parker, who played the amazing Angelique in Dark Shadows. We talk the show, her career and my used to be liked a lot horror film. The real scary stuff was behind the scenes.

I had a great time talking to Lara, she was so forthcoming and a lot of fun. I want to thank my pal David Selby for asking her to come on the show. We talk Dark Shadows, her feminist witch, then vampire. She talks about biting Johnny Carson and we discussed the horror film she starred in, Race With The Devil, 1975. When I first moved TO NYC it was on Channel 11 and scared me big time. The behind the scenes scoop she gave me was the real horror.. You will be very mad, not at Lara but the…


Part 2 My Guest Sloan De Forest and I talk about the lovely and tragic Gene Tierney..WE also digress to Grace Kelly and that important question..Did Gene indicate???

  Sloan and I had planned on doing the Gene podcast to be released on her birthday..WE came close. We talk Gene's childhood, her stardom, her marriage to Oleg Cassini,, her daughter Daria that was born severely disabled. If you don't know why, we tell you. It's so tragic. We discuss Gene's years battling mental illness to getting out of Hollywood to live with her new husband, a Texas oilman, that had once been married to Hedy Lamarr. Gene wrote a wonderful memoir and she did not hold back. Mental illness was not to be talked about. Gene did and…


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