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My Bud John DiLeo And I Talk Memorable Moments In The History Of Academy Awards…Streaker Man And New And Biggest Will Smith Slap…OUCH!!

I wanted to do this before this years Academy Awards, but timing was off. Me waiting gets us to talk about Will Smith, smacking Chris Rock in the kisser. There are a lot of interesting tidbits through the years. Hear who John Wayne wanted to drag off the stage  Fun listen.. Thanks so much to John for doing this discussion with me.  Please check out his new book There Are No Small Parts:One Hundred Outstanding Film Performances With Screen Time OF Ten Minutes Or Less Mostly thanks to my listeners. You are da best!! Much Love, Grace Contact me…


I TalkTo One Of My Fave Dudes, David Selby. We Talk About David Playing Scrooge..Humbug..Humbug.He Also Wrote A Wonderful Essay On His Mom. She Definitely Was Not A Humbug..

I talked to dear David Selby. WE talked playing the meanie Scrooge with all the wonderful Dark Shadow's cast..Even Who Is Victoria Winters?? Was on too. Lots of fun. We talked so much more and as always David Was FABU!! Much thanks and love to David. A Christmas Carol The Share, with David And Susan Sullivan   Thanks mostly for the listeners...YOU RULE!!!!! Much Love, Grace Contact me at       you can listen to podcast si=zn73ahjEQKOzrMtc-8VRhg You can also listen on google play, spotify, YouTube, player…and anywhere podcasts are…


I Talk To Lance Lewman Producer, Director, And So Much More On his Musical Brilliance, All About Frances Farmer And Her Troubles. We had a Great Time.

Lance was fab, and I am so intrigued to see how this musical captures the life that was Frances. I heard a couple songs and they were amazing. Lance was kind enough to offer my listeners a 25% discount. This is Off Broadway so the cost of tickets are not through the roof. If you are in the try state area, or visiting I'd check it out. All you have to do for discount is add TSOT...and its all set.  You can get tickets here e: Check out Lances other work  APPLE MUSIC   SPOTIFY   AMAZON…


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