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My Guest Sloan DeForest and I talk about the lovely and tragic Gene Tierney..WE also digress to Grace Kelly and that important question..Did Gene indicate???

Sloan and I had planned on doing the Gene podcast to be released on her birthday..WE came close. We talk Gene's childhood, her stardom, her marriage to Oleg Cassini,, her daughter Daria that was born severely disabled. If you don't know why, we tell you. It's so tragic. We discuss Gene's years battling mental illness to getting out of Hollywood to live with her new husband, a Texas oilman, that had once been married to Hedy Lamarr. Gene wrote a wonderful memoir and she did not hold back. Mental illness was not to be talked about. Gene did and I'm…


I talk to my friend John DiLeo about How classic Hollywood portrayed Heaven and Hell

John and I discuss how the afterlife, or near afterlife was depicted in Classic Hollywood. Lots of Angels, from Cary Grant to Clarence the lovable guy from It's a wonderful life. I ask the question is there food in heaven?? John does not want to just float on a cloud and play the Harp. WE touch on reincarnation too.  One I forgot to mention is The Twilight Zone Episode A Man And His Dog. Heaven seems like it would be lots of fun. Its a fab episode and The Old Mans Dog actually saves him from taking the wrong road…


Part 2 I talk to Author Marshall Terrill about his fab book, Steve McQueen…In His Own Words..Steve was the coolest dude

This was a fun podcast for me, as all are actually. I love Steve McQueen and its truly in his words. Hundreds of quotes with never before seen photos of the cool dude Steve. Marshall has written a couple books on Steve but this gets you right into Steve's head. His rough childhood, becoming an actor, loving riding his motorcycles and racing. He was a self admitted chauvinist and we get a peak into his three marriages. WE also see Steve in his final battle against cancer, after he was told nothing could be done, he went to Mexico to…


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