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Anthony J. Mohr Joins Me To Talk About His Award Winning Book Every Other Weekend:Coming Of Age With Two Different Dads

Today I have award-winning author Anthony J. Moore who talks about his book, Every Other Weekend, Coming of Age with Two Different Dads. A poignant account of his life being raised by two very different fathers, one movie star Gerald Mohr, The other Stan, his stepdad. It tells of Tony navigating the challenging dynamics of his parents’ divorce, and a unique perspective on Hollywood, parenting, and coming of age in extraordinary circumstances.

Experience the tumultuous year of an unsuccessful Hollywood TV series, the shock of a sudden relocation from California to New York, and the bonds formed with Stan, the new father-figure in Anthony’s life as he returns to Beverly Hills with a newly formed family.

Dive into the contrasting lifestyles of Anthony’s two fathers, the often complex, challenging, yet profoundly beautiful journey of life, filled with adaptation and growth. This engaging narrative explores complex family relationships against the backdrop of glamorous Hollywood and everyday realities.

Hear about Tony’s adolescent joys and shocks, his father’s struggle for professional success, and an unexpected early death. Tony’s remarkable transformation from a conflicted child to an accomplished judge in the face of adversities, this episode is an inspiring tribute to the complexities of divorce, step-parenting, and struggling for identity. The book is a big time enjoyable read. 

Thanks so much to Tony for coming on the show. He is a great guy..Also listen for the cameo of Bob, his sweet woof..

Mostly thanks to all of you that listen. I so appreciate it.



Tonys book can be found anywhere they sell them.

You can check out Gerald in this flick..He’s been in tons of movies and TV shows.

You can listen anywhere podcasts are played.






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