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I Talk To Lance Lewman Producer, Director, And So Much More On his Musical Brilliance, All About Frances Farmer And Her Troubles. We had a Great Time.

Lance was fab, and I am so intrigued to see how this musical captures the life that was Frances. I heard a couple songs and they were amazing. Lance was kind enough to offer my listeners a 25% discount. This is Off Broadway so the cost of tickets are not through the roof. If you are in the try state area, or visiting I'd check it out. All you have to do for discount is add TSOT...and its all set.  You can get tickets here e: Check out Lances other work  APPLE MUSIC   SPOTIFY   AMAZON…


Frank and Ava from my series iconic couples of classic Hollywood..Love them

Hey,   I have a lot of older podcasts that I'm push forward to make it easier for you to get to some of my oldies but goodies.   This was done with my partner in Classic Hollywood Series is the fabulous April VeVea..   I love me some Frank and Ava   Got some great stuff coming out!! Much Love, Grace   Catch on iTunes, Spotify and anywhere podcasts are played #FrankSinatra #AvaGardner #Iconic Romances #old Hollywood


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