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68: Part 1 I start off my history of Blonde Bombshells podcasts with the first BB, Jean Harlow. My Guest for all the Bombshell podcasts will be April VeVea, classic Movie Historian

Today I start my series of podcasts on The History Of Blonde Bombshells. My guest for this series with be classic movie and classic blondes historian April VeVea. She knows her stuff and is a lot of fun. 


We talk Jeans upbringing, her coming to Hollywood with Mother Jean. Mother Jean wanted to be an actress but she was inherently thirties so that was never to be. She pushed “the Baby” in the films and look who we got. We talk Jeans marriages, Paul Berns “suicide”, her flings  her films, her heartbreak over William Powell not marrying her and ultimately her untimely death of kidney failure at age 26. 


Jean was poised beyond her years. She was a gifted comedienne, a kind person and a really good actress. There could never be another Jean. They made two awful movies on her life in 1965. One in color starring Caroll Baker, another in black in white starring Carol Lynley. Both were bad, neither woman could capture one iota of what made Jean, Jean. Not their fault, nobody could.  


Thanks so much to April VeVea. She is great and she gets to the truth, not the salacious gossip. If she is not sure, she says she’s not sure. I love her..Next weeks blonde bombshell will be another tragic soul Thelma Todd. 


Mostly thanks to the listeners. I so appreciate you listening. I have had some amazing guests. Many more great ones coming up. 




April VeVea


Her twitter @aprilVeVea


She has also authored a book on Jayne Mansfield called Puffblicity. Its part 1, part 2 will be coming soon. Her book on Marilyn Monroe is on its second printing and will be released in August


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