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59: I Talk To Lisa Sanita and Dayna DeCarlo About The Book They Got Published Conversations With Cagney: The Early Years. Great stories..They Were So Much Fun! They even met James….

I talked to the wonderful Dayna DeCarlo and Lisa Sanita on their project to get Bill Angelos manuscript made into a book. Bill had access to The Cagney’s in their upstate New York home  for six weeks. He was going to write  a movie on James Cagney life. He got amazing interviews from Jimmy and Jimmys seldom heard wife Bill. They did it. They edited, broke it into chapters and its an amazing documentation of Jimmys early life. The book is Conversations with Cagney: The Early Years By Bill Angelos. I think you’ll be surprised to hear who Jimmy wanted to star as himself. He talks his early days in vaudeville. Ending up in California. He talks George Raft, Bogie, Edward G Robinson and a bit of gossip about Edward G’s wife Gladys. Find out why Bill D became person non grata at James home. It’s a fun read. Whats extra great is that they actually met Jimmy. He was as sweet and down to earth as you imagined him to be. I’m proud to be a Cagnerd. Special props to Stone Wallace for his contribution to the book. I love Stone. His book on George Raft is a goodie.Much thanks to Lisa and Dayna for coming on the show. You can hear their love and admiration for him shining through. I’d love to have them on again. I had a great time talking to them. Mostly Thanks to the listeners. You all are great.GracexoxoIf you’d like to become a Cagnerd just look for The James Cagney page on Facebook. They have a great group going on.The book follow and like my facebook I’ll be having people be able to post their own content soon. www.truestoriesoftinseltown.comwww.truestoriesoftinseltown.podbean.comwww.pinterest/truestoriesoftinseltownitunes can also listen on Spotify, youtube, Spreaker, radio fm and pretty much anywhere podcasts are posted. 

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