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107: My Guest Author John DiLeo and I talk about Anti Valentines Movies. I think you’ll be surprised at a few we picked

In this podcast John Dileo and I chose movies for anti Valentines Day. Ones that will not make you feel bad if you are watching alone, or worse, with someone you’d rather not be with. We both love Romance and wonderful classic Romance movies, but since I was a kid I hated how just one day a year could make people feel rotten if they don’t have their Clark Gable or Ava Gardner..Or even John T Doe. It’s a day where we must be consumed with cards, triple the rate flowers and heart shaped candy that is probably from last year. I have celebrated V day, but only because the people I was with wanted me to. But I always insisted on low key and they’d get Hershey’s kisses the next day. I believe if you are in love every day is Valentines day. Not just this industry made day to make people feel like crap. So know there are others that think of it as just a day. There are others on social media that you should just pass on by because they present a perfect package of, ‘look we are so in love, and we’re cute and he’s drinking champagne out of my shoe’…take heart, they will probably break up in a week. Be good to yourself. Happy UnValentines Day.  Also Happy Valentines day to those who actually Love it..

Thanks so much to the very knowledgeable and fun John DiLeo. He always makes great choices and me laugh. 

Mostly thanks to the listeners. I so appreciate you.


Be My Anti Valentines..;  )




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