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Part 3 of Iconic romances of classic Hollywood. April and I discuss Tracy and Hepburn..Was Spencer really gay..

In part 3 of iconic romances of classic Hollywood we discuss Tracy and Hepburn. They have been controversial since Scotty Bauers book came out and said he had sexual contact with Spencer. First he told Katherine Hepburn biographer he fixed Katharine up with one woman, then he changed it to about 120..In the Katharine book the author claims they were beards for each other. We say, poppycock..HA! He stayed married until the day he died and K and S never went out publicly. That doesn’t mean its not possible about their sexuality, but beards no way. Regardless we admire both very much and I believe they loved each other. So give it a listen..

Thanks so much to April for being my partner in crime for the series..She’s the best.

Thanks mostly to the listeners,

Much love,



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