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Part 2 My bud April VeVea is back and we talk the biggest iconic love story in Classic Hollywood…Dick and Liz..Liz and Dick..The Burtons…

April and I discuss what we believe is the most iconic love story of classic Hollywood..Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Sparks flew on the set of Cleopatra and it was a relationship filled with passion and pain. in part2 we discuss their marriage, their movies, the passion and the flame dying down. We discuss their divorce and remarriage and were they the love of each others life..

Thanks so much to my pal April. I love working with her.  She has her own podcast where she and her partner review newer flicks. You can check it out here.

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Thanks mostly to my listeners. You are the best. If you know other classic Hollywood lovers, please pass this down.  Theres something for everyone



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