New episode coming soon!

My Guest Sloan DeForest and I talk about the lovely and tragic Gene Tierney..WE also digress to Grace Kelly and that important question..Did Gene indicate???

Sloan and I had planned on doing the Gene podcast to be released on her birthday..WE came close. We talk Gene’s childhood, her stardom, her marriage to Oleg Cassini,, her daughter Daria that was born severely disabled. If you don’t know why, we tell you. It’s so tragic. We discuss Gene’s years battling mental illness to getting out of Hollywood to live with her new husband, a Texas oilman, that had once been married to Hedy Lamarr. Gene wrote a wonderful memoir and she did not hold back. Mental illness was not to be talked about. Gene did and I’m sure she helped many during their own battles. Not only was Gene beautiful, but she was beautiful inside as well. Grab a cup of joe, tea, wine, eggnog and listen to Genes journey. 


Thanks so much to Sloan for being a great cohost and guest. She has just finished another super duper book. Here are a few of her others

Here is the lovely Sloan’s authors page. I love her books.


Mostly thanks to my listeners. My eyes have been achy and very strained from too much reading and computer. I took a break for a while. You really are the best!!

Love you mucho,



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Stay safe and healthy everybody..



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