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I talk to Author Jerome Charyn About His Fiction/Non Fiction Book Big Red..Lots Of Rita Hayworth And Orson Welles Talk

I talk to Jerome Charyn, about his Book Big Red. Its fiction, but so much in non fiction. Our narrator is Rusty, a lesbian that just loves her some corduroy pants.  Harry Cohn Asks Rusty to become Rita’s private secretary, but really to spy on Orson and Rita. True talk about their marriage, the making of The Lady From Shanghai, renting Errol Flynn’s boat, his feelings about Orson and Rita, and her unhappy marriage to her second husband. We  also talk about Rita’s early onset Alzheimers. So much good stuff. Book is fun and sad. Poor Rita. 

We talked about Jeromes favorite movie..Citizen Kane, I don’t agree that its the best, (I had to put up my dukes) but I don’t know which movie is, its all relative..I personally HATE Gone With The Wind, and for a long time critics thought it was the best flick of all time. 


Lots of Hollywood info and we never really got all the info on why Jerome does not think Classic Hollywood was “The Golden Age”.  


Thanks so much to Jerome. He was a delight.

His author page


Thanks mostly to the listeners! You Rule!!!




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