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I Talk To Alexis Hunter About Her Book Being Reissued..Gorgeous Photo’s of She And Joi, And Dangerous Body Practices

My friend Alexis Hunter is back. Did I ever tell you we were really friends?? HA!!!! 

Alex’s book has been reissued with a new chapter and great pics of her and Joi. WE discuss the silicone injections that helped kill Joi, and the horrible face and body trends that have people running to unsavory “Doctors” and sometimes paying the ultimate price. Big Butts are in, are they now that Kim and Khloe Kardashian have had their butt implants removed?? Silicone and CEMENT are a few of the things that have been injected into women’s bodies. Do sex symbols always have to have big breasts? Joi and other’s certainly thought so, and were under the pressure for the biggest breasts. 

We talk love, dangerous procedures, Alex having a true life after Joi died, which was fifty years ago. 

It’s fun and also serious about the lengths, mostly women go to, to have face and body beautiful. 

I will post pic of cement lady on

Thanks so much to Alex for being a wonderful guest. Her 

Thanks mostly to my audience! Who loves ya? I do!!



Joi Lansing….A Body To Die For….A Love Story, should be selling anywhere books are sold.


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