New episode coming soon!

Author and pal Stone Wallace and I discuss the five best (we think so) gangster flicks of the 30’s, yah see..

I talk to author and friend Stone Wallace on the 5 best gangster films of the 1930’s…or at least the ones we thought were. There were so many great ones to choose from. We chose the big movie gangsters, James Cagney, George Raft, Bogie, and Paul Muni. Check to see if you agree with our choices. 

As an oops, I called Bogarts character in The Petrified Forest Duke Manatee. I know its Duke Mantee. I guess I was having a wistful moment thinking about those adorable chubby sea creatures the manatees, they are also known as sea cows. Welp. Mantee is not a Manatee. 

Thanks so much to Stone Wallace. He sure knows his gangsters, movie and real life. 

Thanks most of all to the listeners. I have to post more. I have some ready to go and a couple that need editing. Also greetings to the new listeners that found me. Please be safe in these crazy times. Stay safe and isolate.

Much love,


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