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72: My guest April VeVea and I talk blonde bombshell Betty Grable. Her pinup was the most popular during WW2..

My guest for The Blonde Bombshell series, April VeVea and I talk pin up queen Betty Grable. I have to admit musicals are not my favorite genre so I have not seen many Betty movies. Betty was another Blondeshell that had an incredibly pushy stage mother. She was truly awful. Betty became a star pretty early. She dated the notorious womanizer Artie Shaw, little known to her, Artie was also dating Judy Garland. Both were shocked when they found out he married Lana Turner. This guy was something else..Betty dated George Raft for two years, waiting patiently for him to divorce his wife. She realized it was never going to happen. She met Harry James at the Hollywood Canteen and the rest was history. We talk Betty’s career, marriage, children. It’s a good show. Lots of Betty things I never knew before.


Thanks so much to April for joining me.


Mostly thanks for listening. I’m so grateful for you all.




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