New episode coming soon!

55: Part 2 I talk to the wonderful Steve Hayes A.K.A. Tired Old Queen at the movies….We talk MOVIES!

Steve and I had a great time talking movies and his youtube show Tired Old Queen At The Movies.​Steve has been doing the show for ten years. Go check him out. His reviews are smart, funny and helpful. Steve actually knows the words to the awful song the children sing in the classroom scene in The Birds. The song makes me insane and makes me want to do a semi Elvis, no gun, but clicker it off.  Steve is a lot of fun and has great knowledge of Classic Films and the wonderful stars of the golden days of Tinseltown. I envy his library of wonderful books about classic Hollywood and its stars.. I know you will love Steve. I did..You can find Steve at

Thanks so much to Steve for coming on the show. 

Thanks mostly to the listeners. I so appreciate you tuning in. Gracexoxo

​You can listen on iTunes, pod bean, Spotify, Spreaker, youtube I heart radio and lots of other places.

Please follow my facebook page. I have loads of great pictures and tidbits on tinseltown.

​I also have a Pinterest page. Lots of great photos

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