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110: I talk to Author Robert Matzen about his book Dutch Girl: Audrey Hepburn and World War 11

Robert talks about Audreys young life before and during The Nazi occupation of The Netherlands. More than anything Audrey loved to dance so her thoughts of dancing helped her through the hunger and the horror. Audrey actually danced and was given money which she promptly gave to The Resistance. Learn about her hunger, her Nazi sympathizers parents. Her father was held in a jail in England during the war. He later was exiled to Ireland which like Switzerland was neutral. Her mother met Hitler and was like a giddy schoolgirl. She kept her autographed gold frame photo of she and Hitler til the end of her life. In the beginning days of the takeover of the Netherlands her mother had a nazi boyfriend. She allegedly stopped in 1942 being a sweetheart to the Nazi’s. Audrey loved her parents but was horrified as well. 

As an adult Audrey did not talk much about her days in World War 11. She would always remember a specific act of the Nazi’s that was perpetrated against her uncle and 4 more innocent men.  Audrey also lent her help to the United Nations. Her last trip to Somalia had been very hard on her. Soon Audrey was diagnosed with cancer and died. She was an amazing woman and Robert captures her life so vividly. 


Thanks so much To Robert. He is a wonderful guest.

Thanks mostly to you, the listeners. You are the best.


Roberts authors page


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