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100: My blonde shell expert April and I talk about a brunette. But what a brunette..The never dull and ever so gorgeous Ava Gardner

April Vevea, my partner in the blonde shell series and I talk for the first time about a brunette, the sexy, gorgeous and always fascinating Ava Gardener. We talk her three marriages, some romances, her big time love of parties, dancing and alcohol. Her disdain of Hollywood which led her to live in Spain for many years. She loved the bullfighters and the flamenco. We talk some of her films. My favorite Ava performance was in The Night Of The Iguana. Ava always loved Frank, and they would reunite for a night here and there, and the fighting would start all over again. We discuss Ava’s basically being run out of Spain. The older you get the harder the booze hits. She was ready to go though. Her next stop was England where she lived out the rest of her days. Ava was a fun and down to earth woman, she could be brutally honest, about herself, especially. I know I love Ava. So does our blonde shell expert April.


As a PS I’ll be delving  much deeper into Ava and Franks love/hate relationship when I do Classic Hollywood iconic love stories. Included will be Gable and Lombard, Bogie and Bacall, The Olivier’s and The Burtons.


Thanks so much to my friend April. I so love working with her.

Mostly thanks to my listeners. You all are the best!




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